What do you need in a home entryway? 5 design rules

The first room that greets you as you and your guests arrive into the home, a well designed entryway should make a great first impression, and create a warm welcome as soon as you step through the door.

A transitional space, your entryway should still remain uncluttered, organized and connected to the rest of your home, as well as being able to withstand the busy demands of people passing through each day. So, finding the perfect balance between a design that looks good and a space that is functional and practical is key for successful entryway ideas.

From the flooring to the final finishing touches, to help you create the perfect entrance for your home, we will guide you through our five fundamentals for when designing an entryway.

The fundamentals of entryway decor – how to transform this transitional space

Follow our five foundations for designing an entryway to create

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What colors make a small room look bigger?

Small spaces often present a multitude of design challenges, and knowing what colors make a small room look bigger, and which ones to avoid, can tremendously alter the final look of the room.

Selecting the right room color ideas when trying to make a small room look bigger can make the difference between an inviting space and a cluttered or drab room. While it is often believed that all small spaces should be painted white, some bright and bold options can help create the illusion of space in your small room ideas as well as make your small house look beautiful.

Here, paint experts have shared their expertise on what colors make a small room look bigger, and one of them might surprise you.

What colors make a small room look bigger?

Although neutral shades are a surefire way to make a small room look bigger by making it look

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Rivian announces new “Ocean Coast” interior color option

Rivian has recently announced the addition of a new interior color and new details on other interior options.

Via an interview with Rivian’s Senior Director of Customer Engagement, Tony Caravano, on the Rivian Stories YouTube channel, we have learned that a new interior colorway is coming to the Rivian R1T — “Ocean Coast” with the dark wood trimming. This very light blue tint can be paired with either “Dark Mountain” dark wood interior trim or one of 2 vegan leather wraps. However, the light wood interior option has been removed due to quality control issues.

Rivian’s R1T pickup truck has long been praised for its interior design, colorways, and user controls. With the addition of the new “Ocean Coast” light blue colorway, the company is doubling down on that dedication to design. The calming light blue is draped over the seats and center console and, in the pictures supplied by

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RH living room ideas: 10 looks fans will love

Love RH living room ideas but not sure how to get there? Too often living rooms become one of two things – either a dumping ground for misfit furnishings or half-baked design ideas that never quite hit the form and function mark. But these central gathering places are vital to family life and need to be as versatile as they are aesthetically pleasing. Sounds like a job for the pros.

Through the discerning design lens of RH – a brand well known for its one-stop-shop approach to a beautiful, well-designed living room ideas – we asked top designers to dish their dos for a successful living room space. Let the gathering begin!

RH living room ideas

RH living rooms have a distinct look but above all they are designed to suit smart and elegant but relaxed spaces. They suit every purpose, from formal living rooms to family rooms, and can

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Cozy room ideas: 11 warm and snug spaces for your home

Cozy room ideas are currently having a moment in the spotlight – and for good reason. This interior decor trend strikes the perfect balance between rustic and homespun; like an escape to the countryside without leaving the city limits.

Hoping to put some cozy ideas to work in your own home? We’ve selected the essential aspects of cozy decor – these practical, expert-approved tips and ideas will ensure your home reflects the chic and modern aesthetic while still maintaining a contemporary and understated appeal.

Cozy room ideas – 11 warm and restful schemes

To recreate a cozy room that will soothe your soul, you need to start with the basics. A neutral or dark room scheme will be inspiring and add depth to cozy decor. It’s important to consider texture, whether through pattern, such as a bouclé or linen velvet fabric, or by mixing finishes, like a matte wall with

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