Tour a Charmingly Colorful and Totally British Notting Hill Home

When a young family decided to move back to England after living for a period in Miami, they realized it was time to give their London flat a proper refresh. At a quick glance, the pied-à-terre overlooking an idyllic square in London’s Notting Hill had all the trappings of a charming Victorian terraced house, at least from the outside. Inside, however, presented a very different story. “It was in really bad nick, and all the original features had been taken out,” says interior designer Sarah Vanrenen, who was tapped by the clients to reimagine the apartment’s dark warren of rooms into a sumptuous abode for the couple and their two young daughters.

The clients were eager to breathe new life into the space. “We wanted there to be a grand atmosphere, and this meant reinstating its former character with cornicing, bookshelves, and even a fireplace, which it didn’t have,” they

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What is a Good Interior Design?

What is a Good Interior Design?

The world’s recent shift towards prioritizing wellness has influenced people to seek healthier lifestyles by understanding the body and the mind collectively. External factors such as the geographic location, the environment, the community, financial status, and the relationships with friends and family have all shown to have considerable impacts on an individual’s health. However, it became evident that ensuring physical and mental health was not limited to having access to medical facilities and professional treatments, but was also determined by several factors related to the quality of the built environment.

Architects have a choice to design better and accordingly, help people make better choices. So what is considered a good interior design, and what are the factors that make any interior space a good one? In

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Experts Share Interior-Design Trends That Are in and Out for Fall

Jewel tones can create cozy vibes.

neutral bedroom with green accent wall, hanging light fixtures, and open shelving

Certain colors can make a room feel cozier.

There has been a huge shift toward jewel tones this season, according to Gray Joyner of Gray Joyner Interiors.

“These tones create warmth in a room and make you want to curl up in your little cocoon and read a book or even work on your computer,” she told Insider.

Green, in particular, has become the fan favorite this fall. It’s even appearing in kitchens, according to Leigh Spicher, interior designer and national director of design for Ashton Woods.

Organic materials are replacing plastic decor pieces.

green houseplant in a terracotta pot on a wooden stool

Terracotta pots and wooden furniture are a great way to bring natural materials into your home.

Sassi Photoworks/Stutterstock

With more people thinking about sustainability, it’s translating to the home-decor scene as well, according to Jennifer Verruto, interior designer, CEO, and founder of Blythe Interior.

“Not only

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10 Most Popular Interior Design Styles to Know Now | Architectural Digest

When you think of Bauhaus-style furniture, the first things that probably come to mind are sundry armchairs made of tubular steel and black leather. And indeed, the Barcelona Chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and the Wassily Chair by Marcel Breuer (both available today through Knoll International) are the most famous designs from the Bauhaus era and great additions to have today.

However, for a modern Bauhaus, don’t feel restricted to a neutral color palette of just black, white, and gray, but consider incorporating primary colors too. Even patterns are allowed when decorating, if they are composed of simple, geometric shapes. For Bauhaus followers, the form always follows function, so unnecessary flourishes should be avoided. A great advantage of this straightforward, simple design is its timeless appeal. Even after a century, it can still look fresh and online.

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The minimalist styles asks decorators to consider consumption

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Margot Robbie’s ‘Barbie’ fuels ‘Barbiecore’ interior design trend

Today’s homeowners are building out real-life Barbie Dreamhouses — and not the plastic kind.

The new “Barbiecore” trend officially has hit interior design since making a recent appearance in celebrity fashion and pop culture.

As the public anticipates the upcoming 2023 “Barbie” movie — and the iconic Barbie Dreamhouse marks 60 years — the “Barbiecore” movement has made its way into home decor, according to a National Association of Realtors blog.

Blog writer Melissa Dittman Tracey, a contributor to Realtor Magazine, wrote about the aesthetic and how it features playful designs, lots of color and everything pink.

Tracey offered a few design tips for anyone interested in trying the trend at home.

Instead of Barbie’s signature bubblegum pink, she said, homeowners are opting for a more subdued, blush tone for their accent walls and furniture.

Barbiecore bedroom
The “Barbiecore” trend is taking over interior design.
Barbiecore room
Curved furniture is a must for
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