Ethics of Attending a Funeral, Should I Dress in Overall Black?

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1. My tongue complains when I am in an atmosphere of mourning. What should I say?

Sharing memories and beautiful stories about people who died will help shift the focus of sadness to the times of joy. Keep it simple and not wordy. Because as humans, we tend to want to talk as much as we can, and the more we talk a lot, the more we get involved in a problem.

Sayings like, “Condolences, hopefully, all family members left behind are empowered” are enough to help dampen the mood of sadness.

2. What should not be said?

Avoid small talk that feels less sensitive to circumstances, such as, “He is in a better place” or “The pain of losing someone will decrease over time.”

Never ask how detailed the person chronologically dies, or tell the sad story you know. Also, don’t ever question medical treatment that could have been done differently. And most important, there is a kind of strength in a smile, a hug, and a pause to share.

3. Is it still necessary to wear black clothes?

Black is still the traditional color to show the atmosphere of mourning and a safe choice, but that does not mean we can not choose other colors. Gray, purple, blue can be used as an alternative color. The funeral is not a place to show off fashion, just use calm colors and good taste.

4. I want to give something to the bereaved family. Any idea?

Grieving and food greeting cards are a good idea. You can also send flowers to a funeral home, it would be great if you give them directly.

5. Can I take a picture?

Don’t take photos with family and relatives who haven’t seen you in a funeral situation for a long time. You might be happy to meet him again, but please be more sensitive to the conditions around you.

Don’t make the situation of sorrow as if you celebrate it by taking a group photo like a joyful event. And so also when you are photographing crates or bodies that are not worth doing. Most importantly, there is no need to post any funeral related posts on social media.

6. I want to help a bereaved family in various ways. Any tips?

Simple, you just need to ask what they need. Don’t give false promises to the family.

7. What are the most important restrictions on funerals?

Never respond with, “I experienced it a few months ago”. Also, don’t ever take calls out loud at funerals. If you are asked to speak, be careful when issuing jokes and inappropriate stories.

8. What about post-burial?

Your friends or family members may need you more than before. A few weeks after the funeral, when life inevitably goes on, make sure to stay in touch with the grieving party. Entertain, or spend time with, maybe by chatting or eating together.