3 Reasons Why to Buy a Double Wide Manufactured Home

Manufactured homes are very similar to homes that are built on land sites. They usually have all of the upgrades and amenities as a “regular” built home but tend to be much more affordable. They are manufactured indoors. As each home is safely built indoors, they are made according to the Federal Housing and Urban Development regulations. Once made and bought by a purchaser they are transported to the land they will go on. This is why they are also called mobile homes. For a single person or newly married couple, a single wide mobile home is just enough space. Double wide manufactured homes for sale are spacious and large enough for most families. There are many advantages to purchasing a manufactured home. Below are 3 reasons why purchasing a manufactured home is a wise investment.

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1.         Double Wide Manufactured Homes are Affordable

A mobile home can be financed just like any other home purchase. They are more affordable because manufacturers have less overhead such as labor and materials. They are typically built via an assembly line which saves the cost on an abundance of laborers. The cost is way less than purchasing a site-built home, but the benefits are equivalent. Most of the time even a buyer with a lower income can still get financed. As a first-time homebuyer, it’s a great starter home and when it’s time to move on to something else it can be rented out as investment property. Investing in a home versus renting is always a better option. In the meantime, a lower mortgage means more money to save for the future.

2.         Double Wide Manufactured Homes are Mobile

Because manufactured homes are mobile, they truly are a great option. They can be placed on land wherever the buyer chooses to purchase it. Choose the area, the neighborhood, and the city and if there is a lot for sale the home can be placed in the desired area. There are also many mobile home neighborhoods already established in good communities as well. Purchasing one that is already built, placed, and established could save you time and trouble. If it’s in a nice neighborhood already it could be a win-win situation. However, A mobile home with its own lot (land the buyer purchased) appreciates in value more than a mobile home in a community of land owned by someone else. Financially it is wiser to purchase land first and then your double wide manufactured home. In the future not only could the home appreciate but the land purchased as well.

3.         Better for the Environment

Most manufactured homes are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Reports show that these homes are specifically constructed to be 90 percent less to have a negative impact on the environment. Not only are they constructed to be this way, but the fact that they are made indoors also creates less of an impact on the environment than a house built outdoors on the land. The energy efficiency of manufactured homes comes with the added plus of lower costing utility bills for the owner as well.

Double wide manufactured homes for sale come with many benefits. The above mentioned are only a few of them. Being that they are built indoors, they are a pretty quick fix to a housing dilemma. Normal outdoor construction comes with weather delays, but a manufactured home will never have that issue. When in search of a home to purchase consider all of the above pros of purchasing a double wide manufactured home before making a decision.