How to clean a new home & tips Moving house

  1. Clean a new home before it is occupied

By courtesy, residents should clean up old houses are abandoned to Contact Address house approximately ready for use by the new occupants. Nevertheless, the reality is not many people are doing this in earnest or new residents sometimes want to achieve a better level of cleanliness. Whatever the condition, do the clean-up activities of new home before you put your stuff into it. By doing so, you will be free to reach all parts of the house.

  1. Start cleaning from the highest

So that dust and dirt do not re-contaminate parts that have been cleaned, start with cleaning the highest, that ceiling. Continue to parts of the lower, including door and window frame until it fell to the floor. Use mop or duster long-stemmed to get rid of dust and cobwebs from the ceiling.

  1. Prioritize the parts that will be more difficult to clean when it is occupied

Focus your attention on the area that will be rarely cleaned or more difficult to reach when the house is filled with furniture and other furnishings. These parts include the walls, trim the barrier wall and the ceiling, floor and wall divider trim, air vents, and attic if necessary. If the new home you have a closet or cabinet that blends with the walls, clean the inside.

  1. Clean frequently touched surfaces

Most people do not want any memories left by the old inhabitants remained in the house that they occupy. The memories can be smelly and fingerprints on parts that frequently touched such as door handles, knobs toilet, faucets, switches, and so forth.