The refrigerator feature that keeps food fresher for longer

If you’re in the market for a new fridge or freezer for your business then you may have noticed some advances have been made since you last bought one. Not only are modern units more energy efficient, but many now have features that boast they will keep food fresher for longer.

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Storing food properly is very important for businesses. You want your raw ingredients and finished products to have as long a shelf life as possible. You definitely don’t want to have a problem with food poisoning or similar. That’s why storing food correctly is so important –

New features

Some models include built-in air purifiers which claim to filter out harmful bacteria from the air. Others have pouches that absorb ethylene gas, with the theory being this will stop food from spoiling. While the gadgets may work, there is one new system for refrigeration which definitely works; dual-evaporator cooling.

The one feature that really works

Until recently dual-evaporators were only found on very top-end models, but as prices have come down, they are now available on a range of units. Older fridge-freezers only have one evaporator. It works to keep the freezer section cool. If the fridge needs a lower temperature, air is vented between the two to reach it.

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The downside of this was that the air in a freezer is usually very dry, but your fridge needs a certain amount of moisture to keep food really fresh. With a dual-evaporator unit, both fridge and freezer have their own coolers, and this means you can control the humidity and keep food fresher, longer.

To see what commercial catering suppliers have to offer in terms of dual-evaporator units, browse the site of a reputable firm such as With technology advancing all the time there are often improvements to units such as these which can help your business.

Having up-to-date equipment is the best way to ensure that your food is stored at the perfect temperature. This will keep your products as fresh as possible and protect you from problems such as food poisoning. Although many products make promises that they can help with this, the reliable way to be sure is to invest in a dual-evaporation unit which will keep your frozen goods icy and dry while giving your fresh goods the humidity they need.