How to find good signs for your garden?

If you want to get some signs for your garden, you must make sure they are durable since it is already a trouble to make them last longer. The best thing about garden signs is that they help you express your creativity and enhance the ownership of your garden. There is a lot more you can do than creating ‘please don’t pick the flowers’ signs. Usually, the material used for creating signs includes outdoor paint, rocks, metal, plastic, or wood.

Like many other homeowners who love their gardens, you would be tempted to make your own signs.  The garden signs can be made from a broad mixture of techniques starting from stenciling to cutting metal. There are lots of DIY design ideas you can take inspiration from. You can even cut the letters and hang them on your garden wall. You can make a garden sign on the basis of your personal style. These signs can surely put a smile on the face of a visitor and even give them a moment of laughter. It is a nice activity if you want to keep yourself busy but the downside of such signs is that they don’t last longer. The bad weather will wear them out in a year or so.  You can apply a protective layer to make them last longer but it can make things messy.  You can either create hand-written signs or create a digital file and get your artwork printed but this will get expensive since you won’t be printing them in bulk.

Save yourself from trouble and purchase garden signs. The question is how to find good signs for your garden? How do you know they will last for a long time?

  • Find a good signage company

Look for the best signage companies in your locality and check their services and charges. If they provide garden signs, then have a look at their past projects to test the quality of their work. You can also check their experience. The longer they are in business, the experienced they will be.

  • Check the quality of material

If you want a garden sign made from wood, then you must check the quality of the wood they will be using. It should be sturdy enough to withstand the changing weather conditions. Higher quality wood means you will have to pay a higher price but it is worth it since your sign will last long.

  • Check the print quality

The message that you want to display on the garden sign should be clearly visible. That’s the whole purpose of having a garden sign in the first place.

Garden Sign Design Process

 A good signage company will have its own design process that will look something like this:

  • Design: In this stage, they will use a template for your garden sign to make sure it is consistent with what you want.
  • Logos: Some people like to include logos of sponsor or partners who have made donations to their gardens. It is usually placed at the bottom of the sign. The logo must be in high-quality image. Only commercial garden signs contain logos.
  • Approval: The signage company will ask for your approval to make sure the sign is accurate. Often, one or more revisions are required depending on the user. Once the design is approved, then the company moves on with the design process.
  • Printing: Depending on the number of signs you want, it can take 3 weeks to complete the design. After the approval, the sign is printed on the material requested.
  • Installation: You can either install the sign yourself or you can ask the signage company to perform the installation. It is recommended to let the professional do the work if the sign has to be attached to the garden fence or some other location that you cannot handle yourself. The staff of the company will come with the right hardware to install the sign for you. They can also help you in determining the ideal location for the sign in the garden. Some companies charge a little extra for the installation but it is worth it because you know they will be installed in the right way.

If nothing works for you, then you can simply make the garden signs on your own. However, you will have to accept the fact that they won’t last long. You can still increase their life by cleaning them and taking care of them. Remember, garden signs say a lot about your personality so make sure you pick them wisely.