Wanna Travelling To Thailand? Come to 5 Beaches Like This Hidden Paradise!

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To spend vacation time, overseas is often one of the intended destinations. If a travel companion is still confused about where to go for a vacation, then I would suggest that a travel companion travel to Thailand alone. Maybe already bored with urban areas? Need a place that is calming and also refreshing the mind, well this time we have references to places like paradise hidden in Thailand. Here goes the list of beaches like hidden paradise in Thailand!

1. Chaweng Beach – Koh Samui

Actually, in the Koh Samui area, there are many good beaches, but one of the famous and still clean beaches is Chaweng Beach. Chaweng Beach is child-friendly because it has very calm waves. For those of you who need calm and peace, then Chaweng Beach is very suitable as a destination when going to Koh Samui. In addition to offering soft white sand and clear seawater, on this beach we can find a 4-star hotel, the Novotel Family Resort Samui. Besides hotels, you can also rent several types of water sports equipment such as banana boats. If you go to Koh Samui and want to see a hidden paradise, you must come to this place!

2. Koh Kood Beach – Ko Kut

For travel mates who want to take a break from the noise and crowds of the big city, and want to take a vacation to a pleasant yet soothing natural destination, try to come to Koh Kood Beach in the Ko Kut area of ‚Äč‚ÄčThailand. The blue and clear color of the seawater, soft white sand, and the breezy air at Koh Kood Beach are ready to spoil travel mates. Now if you want to explore other beaches that are no less beautiful, then travel mates can come to several beaches that are located quite close to Koh Kood Beach such as Koh Chang Beach and Koh Mak Beach. Are you curious?

3. Koh Mook Beach – Ko Muk

 The third hidden paradise that travel mates can visit while in Thailand is Koh Mook Beach in the Ko Muk region. This beach is a very calm beach with white sand and also super clear water. What is unique about this beach and makes it different from other beaches is that we can find caves on this beach. The cave is located on the west coast and is named Emerald Cave. Besides being able to swim on Koh Mook Beach, we can also play inside the cave, enjoying the sunlight coming in from the gap of the cave quietly while listening to favorite songs. Quiet and peaceful.

4. Shark Beach – Koh Tao

Just hearing the name might be thought of by sharks or sharks in English. Yes, travel mates are correct! On the shore of the sharks in the Koh Tao region, we can interact and see first-hand short-tailed sharks by exciting snorkeling and adrenaline testing. If travel mates want to meet with small sharks then just swim at the edge of the beach, but if you want to see a bigger one then you can swim a little to the middle. Take it easy, no need to be afraid because there will be a local community that accompanies and directs. As long as it doesn’t disturb the shark, it’s safe!

5. Maya Beach – Koh Phi Phi

For fans of every Hollywood actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, it must be familiar with Maya Beach in the Koh Phi Phi area. This beautiful beach surrounded by towering cliffs was used as a shooting location for the popular movie The Beach in 2000. In Maya Beach which has super clear water, travel mates can swim relaxed or snorkel. Besides, it is possible for travel mates who do not want to swim or get wet so they can travel around Maya Beach by using a cruise ship that has been provided by paying a sum of money.

That was what can be conveyed to all travel mates. Hopefully, the article we gave this time can be useful!