Add Railings to Keep Your Home Safe and Sellable

As a homeowner, the last thing you want is for someone to fall off something or over something on your property. So just for safety and litigation’s sake, it makes sense to put railings wherever they might be needed. It also makes sense if you’re planning to sell your home, since building codes may specify where banisters and protective boundaries must be in place. Here are some of the spots to consider for this home improvement.

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Decks are a popular home addition, and it’d be nice to make sure nobody takes a dive off the side. A metal deck railing around the edge of the space and alongside any steps leading down to the yard will make it safer and more stylish. Add similar safety features to any raised walkways or above-ground pool platforms.

Front Yard

If your front porch is raised off the ground, a railing is an important feature. Steps leading down to the lawn similarly need handrails to keep visitors from taking a tumble. You’ll want to make sure that anything you erect is substantial enough to be safe but not overwhelming enough to be an eyesore. Since weather can wear away railing supports, check on a regular basis and tighten anything that wobbles or sways.


While it may seem easy enough to run up and down stairs without anything but wall to hold on to, both younger and older occupants may appreciate having a handrail to grasp. Make sure any outdoor balconies or indoor overlooks have sturdy railings. If you have small children underfoot, make sure that any railing you put up indoors or out has no spaces wide enough for a little head to get stuck in.

Fall for some good-looking railings that can enhance both the security and appearance of your home. They’ll serve you well while you live with them and when it comes time to sell.