Your One Stop Garage Door Service

A garage might not serve as the most valuable space in most homes, but it is still worth installing, protecting and maintaining whether they are serving any specific function at any given point in time.

For clarification purposes, a garage door is a large door attached to a garage that either manually or electronically (by means of a garage door opener) opens and closes. They are often able to accommodate vehicles and other large equipment. They are usually made in different styles and compositions with larger sized doors comprising of jointed panels which roll into a space above the doorway. Doors are made of metal, fiberglass or wood and may be insulated to prevent heat loss.

Residential garage doors are opened and closed at least 1,500 times per year. Taking into consideration the raising of the doors at about seven inches per second, proper maintenance of garage door openers is crucial to an optimum home functionality. Residential garage door repair phoenix az serves as a reliable, experienced and neighborhood company that has been serving the state for years, with employees that go way back to the inception of the company.

Garage door springs are very crucial components in the safe operation of garage doors. When these springs are broken or worn out, they can result in a huge strain on the overhead garage door system causing an unusually heavy door. This results in an irreparable damage to the electric motor. Malfunction of the spring counterbalance system can lead to the garage door falling which can cause serious injury, death or damage of valuable properties. Therefore, it is highly important to ensure that these aspects of the garage door are always in good working condition. If there is a fault in garage door operation, the springs should be checked, and the following symptoms should be sought out: Loud bang, faulty motor, door jammed, separation in the spring coil. If it is determined that a problem exists with the garage door spring(s), it may need to be replaced and it is best to do so fast by calling in a professional garage door service company such as residential garage door repair in phoenix az.

It is advisable to call in a professional for the following reasons. Professional companies can be previewed by reading reviews by other customers and determining whether they would be a good fit for the job function you require. They can guarantee a higher level of job satisfaction and safety. They usually provide free priority services during certain days of the week. They have a wide-range of technicians with tested skills and years of experience under their belt; They provide full insurance packages for their customers. They offer competitive pricing for services offered. They usually offer online coupons and vouchers applicable for future services.

So, remember, if you’re experiencing any issues with your garage door, whether it is experiencing a jam, it has fallen off its tracks, faulty motor, broken spring or a dented door that has been crashed into, be rest assured that there are garage door professional teams that are well experienced and amply supplied to fix it at competitive costs. Other popular services offered by the companies include: Installations, Radio control replacements, ADA compliance, slat repair, high security doors, preventative maintenance, operator repair, fire door drop testing and more.