5 Easy Tricks to Make a Narrow Bathroom Look Wide

The bathroom is certainly becoming an important element in every house. However, land constraints make the bathroom narrower. The narrow bathroom will certainly complicate anyone in it.

Then what’s the solution? To get around the narrow bathroom to make it look spacious, you can work around this by ordering the right bathroom tiles online. You also need to pay attention to several ways and tricks to design the narrow bathroom below. I recommend a place for you to order online at https://www.ambertiles.com.au/.

Use the space maximumly

In a small room, in this case, in the bathroom, you need to utilize all parts of the room. You can use the bathroom corner by creating a unique storage rack. Thus, the bathroom will look more presentable and certainly will look more spacious.

Pay Attention to the Size of the Bathtub

In addition to the toilet, equipment that takes up enough space in the bathroom is a bathtub. You have to choose a bathtub with a size that is adjusted to the bathroom. Choose a bathtub that is about 5 feet long or that you can comfortably use while bathing. To make the bathroom look more spacious, you also need to choose a bathtub with a low wall model.

Use a Pinned Sink

The use of a sink attached to the wall will save space in the bathroom. Not only the sink, but other equipment that can be applied to the wall is a small dressing table in the bathroom. This method is very effective considering the bottom of the sink usually takes up fairly large space and is hard to clean. You will get a wider and more practical space.

The Mirror Usage

The fact about the mirror as a room extension is unknown to many people. Yes, this furniture can make the room look wider because it reflects light and the side of the room in front of it. That is why we often see many small shops using mirrors on the right or left side because they can double the room. You can choose a modern or traditional style mirror, according to your favorite. Attach it to one of the walls facing the direction you want to develop, and et voila! The bathroom will look magnificent!

Remove the Shower Door

The use of a shower door does make the bathroom look more elegant. Usually, the shower door is made of curtains or glass doors that can be shifted. For bathroom space is not too wide, you have to remove the bathroom door. High shape door will usually interface your movements and views. By removing the shower door, of course, you will get a larger room.

That was 5 tips and tricks to make your narrow bathroom look spacious. Hope you like it