What Color of the Bathroom Tiles which Fit Your Personality?

The bathroom became one of the rooms in the house that should not be spared to ask for its design. Starting from the selection of toilet, shower, to bathroom tiles should be calculated so your bathroom looks slick. Well, specifically for bathroom tiles, you can choose and mix and match motifs, sizes, up to the color of bathroom tiles that matches your taste. To find bathroom tiles online, you can visit the website https://www.ambertiles.com.au/bathrooms.

The color of the bathroom tile has a big impact on the bathroom atmosphere. Therefore, it is not uncommon for bathroom tiles colors to be adjusted to the personality of the resident’s house. The bathroom with tiles colors according to personality can also increase the comfort level of its occupants.

Well, do you want to know the color of bathroom tiles that matches your personality? Let’s look at the following Kania discussion!

The Simplicity of White Bathroom Tiles for Your Perfectionist

If you are a person who always demands perfection and tends high standards of all the things, then the color of bathroom tiles that suits you is white. This bathroom tile color is also suitable for you who love simplicity.

The Festive Red for the Bathroom’s Cynosure

People, who have a high level of confidence and want to always be the cynosure? Or are you a brave person who is always optimistic and loves challenges? If so, then red is the right choice to be the color of your bathroom tiles.

Black Tiles Bathroom for Your Elegant

For those of you who have the personality of wanting to always be impressed, dignified, and have a big enough prestige, black is very fitting to be chosen as the color of your bathroom tiles.

Although choosing black as the color of bathroom tiles, you should avoid the impression of gloomy and too dark. There are several ways to get around this. Among them through the installation of white bathroom lights, and filling the gap between bathroom tiles or grout with white cement. Also, the interior arrangement of the bathroom is important. Thus, the color of your black bathroom tiles will look more elegant.

Green Color Peace in Your Always-Honest Bathroom

If you feel that you are a person who is very honest and always prefers peace and tends not to stand out when interacting in a community, then the green color is the best color that fits your bathroom tiles. The green color is also right for you who like to enjoy the outdoors atmosphere or you who have a high sense of concern for others.

Yellow Bathroom Tiles for the Adventurer

Bright is the impression you get when you choose yellow as the color of bathroom tiles. Although it looks too anti-mainstream, it never harms to design a bathroom in your house with yellow tiles both on the walls and floors.

Especially for those of you who feel adventurous in new things, like to self-actualize, cheerful, and warm personality, the yellow color is right to be dropped as your bathroom tiles choice.

A Quiet and Cool Bathroom with Blue Tiles

The blue color gives a soft, soothing, and reflects stability impression. Blue is suitable to be chosen as the color of bathroom tiles for those of you who have a patient personality, have good self-control, tend to be conservative about various things, and loyal.

You should combine various types of blue in your bathroom so as not to create the impression of being too plain or empty. For example, you can choose a dark blue with certain motifs for the bathroom floor, while for the walls you can use a lighter blue color with a plain tile motif.