Cake Shop Interior Design, Design Inspiration to Pamper Foodie

cakes and breads

The concept of a good store interior, can be one of the marketing tricks and make people interested to visit.

Planning to build a culinary business in the field of cakes and bread? In addition to having to pay attention to what products and what will be sold, you are also required to pay attention to how your store will look.

The quality and taste of the cakes and breads that you sell, storefronts, and interior design concepts, will attract the attention of both consumers and potential customers. Products, in this case the bread and cakes on display, will certainly look more attractive if served with a beautiful store interior concept.

To support the comfort and accessibility of visitors, you can also provide supporting facilities, such as a mini coffee shop.

The location and appearance of a store is one part of a marketing strategy. By designing it attractively, you have actually done one marketing trick, which is to make people interested in visiting.

The concept of store interior design is very important to note, if you design it mediocre, be prepared to lose prospective customers.

But before that, you must first determine your target customers. Then then choose an interior style that suits the target consumer. This is important. Because, if the target audience of your shop is women and or mothers, play with the concept of chic, sweet decoration, or have a beautiful feminine character. However, if you want more universal visitors, you have to come up with “gender-neutral” interior design ideas.

Here are some interior style ideas and ideas that you can try to apply to the store.

Interior Design of a Minimalist Modern Bakery & Bakery

Modern minimalist interior design style has characteristics that give priority to the function of the interior with a simple form. This style does not use many ornaments and decorations. He tends to be simple and innocent.

Geometric shapes and firm, and straight lines are the hallmark of this one interior style. Making it as one of the choices of interior style that is very suitable for the appearance of the store that emphasizes simplicity.

Modern minimalist interior style can look warm and inviting.

Shabby Chic Style Cake Shop Design

Shabby chic is a style that is synonymous with the use of old-fashioned floral furniture, which although it looks classic, is very beautiful.

This style has the characteristics and characteristics of a romantic vintage, because it often uses soft pastel colors.

Floral motifs, soft pastel colors, and old school furniture can be used as elements and elements of shabby-style shop interior design.

This is a way to display the concept of a store interior with a graceful and sexy impression.

Interior of Industrial Style Cake Shop

Industrial style is considered to represent masculinity because it often accentuates a rough texture and is usually dominated by dark colors and monochrome.

Exposed bricks on the walls, wood elements that look rough, and the use of some metal materials, show the impression of a unique and unique unfinished. You can try this style to get an attractive impression and attractive appearance from a store.

Interior Design of a Vintage Style Shop

The use of wooden chairs and old school furniture is a great way to display a vintage feel to the shop interior. The use of wooden shelves attached to the wall also gives a unique impression of this interior style.

You can display bread on the wooden shelf, which can also be an interesting part of interior decoration.

Eclectic Style Interior Design Shop

The electic interior style is a combination of more than one design style. You can freely choose more than one interior style to be used, then combine them into one.

Those who like elegant classic design and masculine industrial can combine the two styles into one beautiful blend style. Or industrial and Scandinavian style, a combination of the two can create a unique interior style for your store.