Temporary Fixes For A Pipe Leak

If you have noticed that one or more pipes in your home have a persistent leak, then you have probably noticed that leaky pipes are not only inconvenient and make a mess but they cause you to spend a lot more money on water bills as well. Unfortunately, you may not be able to get a professional plumber out to your house the day that you need them to come which can be very inconvenient. The good news though is that there are quick water leak repair techniques that can help temporarily fix the problem until the issue can fix the right way. In the guide below, you will learn some of the quick water leak repair techniques that will temporarily stop the leaking and dripping and will help keep water damage from happening.

Go get some plumbing epoxy

This is one of the more simple water pipe repairs that just about anyone can do and it fixes a leaking pipe in almost no time at all. All it takes to use this plumbing epoxy is to get about a dollop size and mold and press it tightly against any hole that you find in the pipe. Make sure to keep the water off until the material hardens around the pipe. Once hardened, you will turn the water on once again and make sure that it created a tight seal. This is a quick fix but works the best for small issues and pipes that are made out of cast-iron. You can easily find plumbing epoxy at just about any hardware store in your area.

Pipe tape- not duct tape

Many homeowners will use plain duct tape and tape a leaking pipe to fix a small leak temporarily. Though duct tape is some of the most durable tapes on the market, the problem is that it is not completely waterproof, meaning that the water will wear on it and will eventually cause the adhesive to wear off and the tape will fall right off taking you back to square one. Instead, consider using pipe tape for small cracks or pinhole leaks. Pipe leaks can withstand changing temperatures and is completely waterproof so it will not fall off. It will give you a much better seal until you can get a plumber out to do a permanent repair.

Pipe repair clamps

This is a metal clamp that goes around a pipe in the area that is leaking and is tightened onto the spot to stop it from leaking. Before putting the clamp directly onto the pipe, first, place a water-resistance rubber sheet around the leak, then tighten the clamp. This will create gentle pressure to stop the leak without causing any corrosion. Though pipe repair clamps are not a permanent fix for leaky pipes, they are a quick fix idea that will actually last for a fairly long time. If you install it properly, it will buy you quite a lot of time before you absolutely have to call the plumber out to your home.

Neoprene sleeves for pipe repairs

If your pipe is a long one and there is a long stretch of pipe leaks then using the repair clamps will only cause the pipe to build up pressure and create a burst or more leaks. If you have a long hairline split on a pipe, consider getting a repair sleeve. This will slide over the pipe and spread the pressure out evenly keeping it from experiencing more leaks until a professional plumber can get out and do the appropriate long-term repairs.