Easy Ways To Choose Hardwood Flooring

As a homeowner, the most crucial decision that you need to make while renovating your house is the proper choice of flooring. The selection of flooring is the most vital thing, and it underpins almost everything else. Though there are plenty of materials available from terrazzo to carpets, the only thing that is considered standard is hardwood.

The problem that arises here is that not all hardwood flooring in North Sydney is created equally. So, choosing hardwood flooring is not limited to selecting only the colour. A range of other factors are there too that can put an impact on performance and aesthetics both.

Let’s consider the other factors that can affect your decision-making process.

Select Engineered Or Solid Flooring:

In general, hardwood flooring comes as thick planks of solid timber. Solid hardwood floorings are still available along with popular alternative- engineered wood flooring. In such an option, the planks comprise of a thinner layer of hardwood that is bonded with other layers. Engineered hardwoods are specially designed to avoid shifting of the floor during expansion and contraction period.

For apartments and basements with concrete subfloors, engineered wood flooring offers a wide array of installation advantages. One or two layers of plywood are required to install solid wood flooring, which might raise the height of the floor. 

Choose Site Finished Or Prefinished:

While purchasing hardwood flooring in North Sydney, you can either choose a plank with a raw face or a pre-finished one. A site-finished plank arrives with a coarse look, and the finishing touch is offered by a professional after installation. On the other hand, prefinished hardwood plank is the one that arrives with the topcoat and stain already applied.

The main advantage of a prefinished wood plank is that you can see what you are getting. While buying, you can choose a sample that will match with the walls and the overall interior of your home.

Consider The Kind Of Finish:

In short, hardwood flooring finishes fall into two broad categories- polyurethane and oil.

Oil can easily penetrate the wood and offers a look that is natural, matte, and soft. However, the finish is not impermeable to damage and stains like polyurethane. Though oil finishes scratch quickly, the scratch marks are less visible.

Hardwood planks with a polyurethane finish create a topcoat that is hard and more resilient to abrasion. It is an excellent choice for homes with children or when you consider the flooring for your kitchen.

Select The Wood Type:

The people of North America consider oak as the best choice for hardwood flooring owing to a good number of reasons. Oak is the most durable hardwood available, and it can absorb stain very well. The natural grain of oak wood is very appealing, and this type of wood is readily accessible in the regions of North America.

Another popular choice is walnut flooring in North Sydney. It is a little softer than oak and has a deep colour tone. That characteristic feature makes walnut a perfect choice for rooms with a dark finish.