Guide to Anti- skid Marine Deck Systems

As long as ship sails the seas, it will require extreme protection from the harsh environment in which it operates. Needless to say, safety is a primary concern when it comes to marine deck systems. Marine deck should be non-slippery as it can be dangerous for those who will be on that deck. Anti- skid coatings on the ships are especially designed to increase the qualities of the surface. A perfect amalgamation of high fiction aggregate and a resin adhesive result in the collective being bonded to a particular surface, like the deck of a ship.

How to avoid slippery decking?

Well, there are so many anti-skid decking products obtainable in the market, such as:

  • Decking non- slip varnish
  • Anti- skid decking oil
  • Anti- skid decking paint

You can use any of these but anti-skid decking oil is believed to be the best option because varnish and anti- skid decking paint will both start flaking as well as peel off sooner or later, while anti- skid decking oil never peel, flake or crack and is really quick to repair and quite easier to maintain.

Where to use?

Anti- skid decking oil is more that perfect for ships as marine deck systems needs something that would make the deck safe to the fullest extent. If somebody slips on the ship, then it won’t be good for anyone because safety is the utmost thing when you are in a ship, so it is quite better safe than sorry.

When you should go for anti- skid decking oil?

Anti- skid decking oil can be used on previously untreated or new decking at the same time. But firstly, you require weathering it, leaving it untouched for at least 2-3 weeks and maximum 3 months after putting on 1 coat of your selected decking oil. If your deck has an oil-based finish then you will require cleaning it completely before you start. But keep in mind that you cannot use anti- skid oil on the top of any painted decking and it also won’t work over coated or varnished decks either. So, if the deck of your ship has a finish like a stain or varnish then you require removing it totally.

Steps of anti- skid decking stain preparation:

  • Always try to carry out a test in an area so that you will get to know how the products you’ve purchased work on marine deck. Well, it makes everything easier because you know exactly what to expect.
  • Clean the deck first. Sweeping it properly to get rid of dirt, dust and surface debris.
  • Well, if there are algae or mould present, then get of rid first.
  • Let the deck of the ship dry completely
  • Apply a quality wood preservative.
  • Add 1 coat of quality decking oil, either tinted or clear.
  • Then apply a single coat of anti- skid decking oil, reading the instructions given on the pack.

So, following these simple steps, the deck of the ship can become anti- slippery once again.