How to Choose a Garden Designer

A skilled garden designer can help you realize the perfect garden you have always envisioned. But, it’s essential for you to pick the right designer for you. Just like any project involving design, a lot of factors come into play when redesigning a garden. Here, we take a look at the things you should consider when picking a garden designer.

1. Approach a Registered Professional

An excellent starting point for getting a professional design service is via the Society of Garden Designers. Using a registered member will mean that you know you are getting a team with the right qualifications and workmanship.

2. Consult Past Clients

It is essential to seek references from any past customers. You can read through online reviews and request testimonials. Ensure to examine any photography of the designer’s work. You’ll also want to know how it was like working with a certain designer.

3. Check Out Other Gardens

Taking a look at before and after pictures is certainly paramount. However, if you can arrange it, you should try to visit possible gardens the designer has serviced previously. That will allow you to get a better feel of their specific style.

4. Consider the Designers Breadth of Work

Pick a designer that’s comfortable working in a variety of areas – small city spaces or large country gardens. You’ll want to work with somebody who’s willing to try new things. Study their creativity to know if it helps to inspire yours.

5. Ensure You Click

You need to ensure you are on the same wavelength as the designer you are working with. The relationship between you and your garden designer should grow and flourish as your project does too. Working with a designer needs to be a two-way process. The professional should be perceptive and ask many questions. If the designer doesn’t ask questions, they may not be collecting the information they require.

6. Discuss How You Want to Use Your Garden

The garden designer you pick should understand what you want from the land. How you want to use your garden is an important factor. Think about what you love to do there; do you want many fresh herbs? Do you plan to read on the garden often? Ensure the gardener you hire includes your plans in the space.

7. Gather Inspiration

While you may be open to suggestions for your garden design, having an idea of what you want is also essential. You can check out online sites or catalogues to gather images of garden designs you love. That will help you build an idea of what you really desire. Images speak volumes and help designers create a mental picture and work together with you.

8. Establish Your Budget

You may want to install a beautiful pond and waterfall in the centre of your garden space. But, you need to consider how much the features will cost and how much you can afford. You should be realistic about what your finances can cover. Many people don’t have an idea about what a garden can cost, which may run into thousands.

At Garden Club London, we are a registered member of the Society of Garden Designers. Our expert team of garden design specialists are experienced professionals who can help you attain the design you want.