What Causes Windows to Break?

Your windows provide so many great features in your Dallas home. They allow natural light to shine in and provide you with a view of your yard. They help to add curb appeal to your home. Even with all of these benefits, windows are fragile and break. While many people think this only happens due to a rogue baseball or a determined burglar, these aren’t the only causes. There are a few other reasons why windows break.

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Improper Installation

Windows are delicate. Several factors need to be considered during installation. These factors include dimensions of the window and how much pressure is being applied. Installing windows incorrectly can increase the likelihood of cracking or shattering. The right glass replacement dallas tx can help to ensure that your windows are installed properly.

Thermal Stress

Thermal stress occurs as a result of a temperature imbalance. The center of the glass is warmer than the edges. While some types of windows are more susceptible to this issue than others, thermal stress can exceed the strength of the window itself, causing it to break. When choosing windows, consider the type of glass, the coating on the window, outdoor shading, and your curtains.


Animals can break windows. While rare, a flying bird might accidentally soar right into your glass, causing it to crack or shatter. It’s also possible that your dog might break your window. If you throw a ball too close to the house, your four-legged companion could crash right into it.


The size of the window matters. Square windows distribute weight more evenly. If you have a rather large window, however, or one that is tall and narrow, uneven weight can put stress on the glass. When this happens, the risk of breakage increases.

Broken windows happen. Acting quickly is important for avoiding accidents and keeping your home comfortable and safe.