How to make a fabric Christmas tree


Fabric Christmas trees are a really unique and attractive decoration idea for your home décor. Whether you’re a dab hand at arts and crafts or new to making your own bespoke home interior items, this easy to follow guide will have whipping out fabric trees like there’s no tomorrow. Why stop at just one? Friends and family will be sure to treasure a homemade gift like this:

What you need:

Between 2 and 4 rolls of any Christmas fabric of your choice. For a stunning range of Christmas Designer Fabrics, visit



Matching thread

Fibre filling

Sewing machine

  • You can choose to use a template downloaded from the internet or draw your own Christmas tree. If you draw, only draw half the tree, fold the paper over and cut around the template.
  • Cut out 6 trees in a variety of fabrics and with the right side up, pin three sections together leaving a gap of around 10cm at the base for the fibre stuffing.
  • Sew around the outside leaving a 1cm seam gap at the bottom. Cut away any excess material from the edges.
  • Turn each tree inside out so it’s now the right way around and poke out the points with a small pair of scissors to leave the trees nice and flat.
  • Turn over the seam allowance at the bottom and press neatly in place.
  • Layer the trees on top of one another making sure all points match. Pin together in place, use a piece of chalk to draw a line up the centre of the trees and stitch over this line to sew all layers together.
  • You should hopefully now have a 6-sided tree with a gap at the bottom of each section. Now you need to fill each section with the fibre filling. To make this easier, use a knitting needle or paintbrush to prod the filling inside.
  • Stitch up the gaps at the bottom once fully filled.
  • Turn the tree upright and add any further decorations you might want to add like beads or a star.
  • Now you’re ready to display!

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If you would prefer a ‘no-sew’ option, then here are the instructions:

You’ll need:

3” circles of fabric, approximately 30 for a small tree

Styrofoam cones

Dress maker pins

  • Firstly, fold a circle in half and then half again to create a quarter.
  • Start at the base of your tree cone and pin the first fabric quarter in place so it hangs nicely with the point facing downwards.
  • Repeat the above steps until the whole bottom row of the tree is covered.
  • When you start on the row above, make sure the points of the quarters are in between the ones on the row below.
  • Repeat this process until you reach about 2/3 of the way up the cone.
  • At the very top, take a fabric circle and pin in position on opposite sides. Take the other sides, fold them in and pin.
  • Continue with the previous steps to cover the remainder of the cone and hey presto, there’s your no-sew fabric tree

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