Finding time to spend together can prove difficult for many modern-day families. With parents working full-time jobs and children occupied with homework, social lives, carving out dedicated family time is often easier said than done. However, in light of the many advantages associated with familial closeness, it behooves parents and children to make the effort to come together on a consistent basis. Spending more time with your nearest and dearest can result in the following benefits.

It’s no surprise that people who didn’t spend a great deal of time with families growing up typically don’t spend much time with their spouses and children after reaching adulthood. Conversely, children who are raised in families that always eat meals together, take annual vacations and engage in other fun-filled group activities tend to apply that experience to their own families.

It’s vitally important for children to feel close to their parents. Parental figures that offer unconditional love and support play an integral role in helping kids blossom into well-adjusted. Spending more time with your children is among the most effective ways to show them how much you care. Children feel closer to parents who take an interest in their activities and show an active desire to be part of their lives.

A lot of families have considerable trouble communicating. many of these families spend very little time together. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that failing to spend time with one’s family often results in communication problems. Communicating with people you don’t interact with on a regular basis is bound to prove difficult – and the only way to truly know what your loved ones are up to is consistently spending time with them.

Coordinating everyone’s schedules and setting aside some time for one another  is no small feat for busy families. However, putting forth the effort to spend time together stands to benefit your family in a number of ways.